Residential Interior Design - Healthy Home Design - Eco friendly Design and Decoration - Sustainable Building Consulting - Chemical Sensitivity Consulting -   Kitchen + Bathroom Design -  Aging in Place + Universal Design

Each client and project is unique and has different wants, goals and needs.  Some clients are interested in all aspects of Healthy Home decoration and green and sustainable design or just specific aspects.  Some clients come to us with distinct problems they need resolved.


Here are a sample list of client needs and interests we have worked with:

Air Quality for Allergy sufferers - Water Health + Efficiency

Chemical Sensitivities - Earth Conservation - Healthy Home Principals

Contractor Awareness Consulting - Occupant Health - Energy Efficiency

Healthy Material Selection - Healthy Installation and Methods Consultation


Keeping HEALTHY HOME and STYLE in focus each time we design a project we create home for people to live in, be healthy in and enjoy. Our knowledge, training, and accreditation provide the solid foundation for each of our clients’ needs and desires.

We begin each project by working with you to develop a Project Program based on a Lifestyle Assessment and discussion of your goals, wants and dreams.  to learn more about our process click here