Holiday Gift Ideas for 2016

Holiday gift giving is a great opportunity to think EcoChic!


This stylish bowl that is Made in America by potter Jill Rosenwald can be filled with these lovely organically grown flowers from - make sure your flowers are pesticide free when you bring them into your home.

Offer up the symbol of knowledge, learning and wisdom with this hand made pomegranate bowl by Claylious found on Etsy.  Its a perfect pairing to be a soap dish filled with Chagrin Valley Mistletoe Soap - fill the room with evergreen and spice natural scents. 

Curl up under these organic cotton throws while sipping hot chocolate this season!  To finish off the relaxing experience you can burn this soy based natural candle or better yet use a diffuser to let essential oils fill your space. (more on diffuser blends in January or reach out to us and we are happy to send over a few essential oil recipes for this holiday season)