What is the value of hiring an interior designer?

In one word ...


A professional designer should bring to the table years of experience, knowledge and solutions!

A professional designer should be able to work with your lifestyle and your needs.

A professional designer should bring to the project and take pride in their Rolodex.


Many times our clients come to us with no idea of where to start or worse attempted to design their home themselves and have made costly mistakes.

Time is precious and most clients are very busy. 

Thru our experience we have developed an on boarding project evaluation program that we use to work with all clients from the start.  This process allows us to set up project expectations, needs and dreams.  Our design team refers to this frequently during the design process and duration of the project to keep us on track without wasting time re-asking questions or worse having to re-design because we didn’t ask. 

With our Concierge Level Service our design team will handle the project from the design phase thru implementation – no need to micro manage the project, we do – no need to schedule tradesmen and deliveries, we do – no need to meet appointments all day long, we do.    

Our years in the field has given us tradesmen and sources which we have worked with for years.  We also source out new and upcoming manufactures and we do the leg work on vetting out before ordering. 

Please remember your home is your sanctuary to enjoy.  Going hand in hand with EXPERIENCE you should receive peace of mind when working with designer.


happy Designing